“We liberate ourselves
by making the
unconscious conscious.”
- Steven Forrest

Evolutionary & astronomical Astrology:
From Tropical to Sidereal zodiac

Kinan aims to unify two primary lineages of Astrology…

1. Wisdom of the body, medicine, ancestral DNA, and unconscious karmic patterns (Evolutionary Astrology based on the Tropical Zodiac); Here, the motion of the planets is measured against the position of the Sun (Sol) on Spring Equinox. This lineage is more body/somatic-based with applications in day-to-day seasonal rhythms of immediate life, past life karmic resolution & destiny, and physiological fulfillment. 

2. Wisdom of spiritual embodiment, soul-level awareness, and Self-realization (Astronomical Astrology based on the Sidereal Zodiac); Here, the motion of the planets is measured against the fixed stars and constellations. This lineage is more spirit-based with applications in higher potential timelines, present-future higher potential, & and spiritual fulfillment.

restore your soul blueprint

So many of us are flooded with messages and advice about who you should be in order to survive and thrive in this world. Yet we are each universes onto ourselves. You have a divine design that is totally unique to you. No one has the power to decide how you will express your inherent wisdom other than you.  

Astrology can support you to re-discover your innate intelligent soul blueprint, your unique design for living the happiest, most fulfilling, and most successful life path for being who you truly came here to be. When you live your design, life flows and opportunities abound–an ecstatic element emerges in daily experience. 

initial reading

90 minutes



45 minutes



90 minutes



60 minutes


*NOTE: Each reading includes …

1-2 hours of outside calculations, contemplation, & preparation of materials

Video + audio recordings of the reading

Copies of your natal map, progressions, & transits

A written guide specific to your evolutionary fulfillment and revealing the essence, archetypal blueprint, teaching, dharma, & core message of your life path and natal map. You’ll receive insights and resources for your karmic destiny. 

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reading 1: astrological initiation

Sun (core Self, conscious sense of purpose; luminosity)

Earth (physical body & roots; grounding your light/sol in the world)

Moon (feelings, needs, & habits; subconscious hidden self; nurturing style)

Ascendant (mask; outward personality; style)

Lunar Nodes (ancestral patterning; karmic resolution & destiny)

**Working with planets in relationship to the nodes + how to embody the higher frequencies (siddhis) & transform the lower frequencies (shadows). 

Your path in embodying your light, purpose, & higher frequencies is your unique path–where your gifts emerge.

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$222 $155 (90-minutes/1st session only)


Mercury (nature of thoughts; unique language; learning style; perceptive filters)

Venus (love language; creativity; wants & desires; nature of relating; femininity)

Mars (acting on one’s truth; passion & drive; nature of conflict; masculinity)

Jupiter (optimism; joy, philosophy, & enthusiasm; personal culture)

Saturn (pessimism; integrity, authority, & commitment; manifestation)

Chiron (healing; soul-embodiment, unique gifts; mastery)

Uranus (revolutionary spark; rebel-nature; individuation; uniqueness; genius)

Neptune (imagination; spiritualization; higher potential; dreams, art, & magic)

Pluto (personal power; transformation; death, birth, & sacred wound; biology)

Asteroids (reclaiming lost parts of ourselves, relational aspects)

Ceres (caregiving; grief; connection to the Mother Earth)

Pallas Athena (high-level intuition; creative wisdom & intelligence; pattern-seeing)

Vesta (undaunted focus; sexual style; hearth of home; security)

Juno (devotion; partnership; soul-level colleagues)

Transits (current influences)

Progressions (current evolutionary stage and timeline)

Vimshottari Dasha cycle (past, present, and future major cycles)

Planetary Allies (recognizing Time Lords–gatekeepers of evolution)

Natal Map Synthesis (synchronous interplay of all energies in your pysche/soul

Are you looking for a deeper exploration of your Sol Design? Just like crystals, we have many facets, faces, angles, and qualities. We are truly multi-faceted. Exploring just one reading is like swimming in the shallow end of the pool. If you want to learn to swim, you eventually need to go into the deep end. 

In the first reading, we can explore the overarching arc of your evolutionary path and lay a foundation for awakening to a deeper sense of purpose and how to ground your light into form. We can explore your core soul contracts and evolutionary desires. It’s like discovery what it’s all about. 

From there, we can integrate dimensions of the subconscious personality into conscious awareness, initiate healing processes, and alchemize shadow patterns. We can explore the various territories of your soul learning specifically as it relates to your daily life, and how to begin or solidify habits that support a more accelerated track to a joyful, meaningful, and fulfilling life.



90 minutes

most popular



90 minutes



90 minutes

*NOTE: Each reading includes 1-2 hours of prep time .

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With packages, please send me an email with your birth information

(birth DATE, exact TIME of birth, CITY of birth)

astrology, Money, & your sacred design

Money is the ‘chi’ of the material plane. Abundance largely expresses as a divine feminine force (Venus) through an alignment with true values. 

Money wounds are connected to our wound with mother (Moon), as money is often sought to provide the nurturance, security, or sustenance that we may not have received as children. We often can wish money to “show up” or be there for us when we need it most. 

To allow money to flow more powerfully into our lives, we must align to an activity based on the higher purpose wishing to emanating from our heart (Sun). As we align to our true values and live more expansively from this place (inside-out), money begins to show up and reflect the value we’ve cultivated within.

To co-create with money, we must initiate ourselves creative partnership with the actual chi/energy of the material plane in by working with the polar magnetic forces of our individual manifestation (Saturn) and generosity (Jupiter). We may allow ourselves to grieve the ways in which we have not received nurturance and begin to call forth the Divine Mother & Father within and integrate a higher frequency of embodied love and magnetism.


If you are ready to align or deepen an alignment with manifesting your higher purpose and expanding your ‘energetic container’ for true prosperity, Kinan’s blend of 1-on-1 astrological soul guidance and intuitive coaching will support you to expansively redefine wealth, abundance, prosperity + your relationship to money  based on your sacred design, soul-matrix, and spiritual evolution. You will see money as it relates to your personal magnetism (attraction).

By rewriting subconscious patterns regarding your sacred wound, self-worth, safety, security, and contracts with others, you will release unconscious material that may be blocking your true dream and unleash higher frequencies of archetypal forces within you, bringing more grace into your life.

Explore your divine energetic architecture as it relates to money & true prosperity.

Receive a spirit-led transmission specifically focused on your core purpose as it relates to needs, security, resources, values, love language, shared resources, partnerships, contracts, wounds, and your healing path—all of which work together to form your money ‘story’.

astrology, money & your sacred design


120 minutes

BONUS: includes a free 30-minute crypto currency consultation.

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The Natal Chart:
A Person-centered Mandala

One definition of a mandala is “a symbol in a dream, representing the dreamer’s search for completeness and self-unity”. An astrological birth chart, or natal chart, is a person- centered mandala, symbol, or logos —a word of power. It carries a message: the symbolic formulation of your dharma (nature or reality), suggesting how you can best actualize the innate potentialities of your particular and unique selfhood.

Astrology is a language of symbols and implies a process of unfoldment or, as Carl Jung might have said, individuation. A birth chart may be “static”, but it can be “progressed” and related to the continuing movements of the planets after birth (transits) in the sky; Just as a true mandala is more than a static geometrical figure, so is your soul or self. The symbols in the mandala of your natal chart can be known as archetypes (primitive/natural traits/energies).

Studying your natal chart can illuminate your conscious and unconscious feelings and responses to life. The entire zodiac constitutes a mandala, having rhythm as well as form. In terms of consciousness, the eon (or soul-incarnation) of a particular human life extends from birth to death and is the “soul” of that person with all of its shapes and rhythmic vibrations. This eon can be likened to the unchanged tone of your life cycle, from beginning to end. It is the “self” of your individual person as represented below in your natal chart, which conveys the rhythm of your life in a process of actualization, expression and becoming.

Your natal chart is a snapshot of the sky at the exact time you were born that shows you how (signs of the Zodiac) the archetypal forces or raw energy (planets) of your soul dance and sing in your subconscious psyche and where (houses) to expect those songs to be heard. Each planet’s placement in a sign and house contains information about your karmic and soul intentions in this lifetime, thus can provide you with unique and illuminating perspectives on these particular areas of life.

The natal chart depicts a life or cosmic process. This cosmic process is a ritual —a symbolic performance —for you, the individual who intuitively “sees” yourself as a participant in the universal process of actualization of the potentialities inherent in creation itself. The primary purpose of knowing your astrological birth chart is to assist in aligning your free will to the will of divine/God (fate)—to realize yourself as a co-creator with the universe. Your will becomes free when you link up to divine will to respond much more gracefully to “fated experiences”.

“Until you make
the unconscious conscious,
it will direct your life
and you will call it fate.” - Carl Jung

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