“Never pretend to a love which
you do not actually feel, for love
is not ours to command.”
-Alan Watts

inner alchemy Coaching

Blindspots can undermine clarity, purpose, and confidence. Running into the same experience over and over again while wanting different results can be truly frustrating. Limitations can seems to plague us. Truly living life in alignment with your authentic nature and natural gifts is challenging without a sacred reflection of your essence, shadow, and unconscious patterns, and of course some guidance uncovering those blindspots. 

Sometimes, you simply don’t know what you don’t know, and this is what can keep you stuck in loops or not willing to step into your dream life. Inner Alchemy Coaching provides an alchemical crucible and container for transformation in which you can align to your authentic integrity of being and actualize your creative potential

8 weeks


Evolutionary Astrology

So many of us are flooded with messages and advice about who you should be in order to survive and thrive in this world. Yet we are each universes onto ourselves. You have a divine design that is totally unique to you. No one has the power to decide how you will express your inherent wisdom other than you.  

Astrology can support you to re-discover your innate intelligent soul blueprint, your unique design for living the happiest, most fulfilling, and most successful life path for being who you truly came here to be. When you live your design, life flows and opportunities abound–an ecstatic element emerges in daily experience. 

1 consultation


3-pack (recommended)


neo-shamanic Bodywork

Through the body, the language of the soul presents itself. The body truly is divinely intelligent, holding the wisdom of the soul and communicating our current process of soul integration. Pain is not a drag; it is an intelligent feedback system informing your soul’s evolution. Neo-shamanism refers to techniques from diverse shamanic traditions fit for the western psyche.

If your body is talking through aches, tension, pain, and dis-ease, your soul is attempting to wake you up to something. The body’s cells hold the memory of soul experiences and longings. Therapeutic soft-tissue reconstruction and reintegration mixed with advanced energy work creates the white space for you to return to your life’s creative work and meaningful relationships with greater presence and holographic flow.

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