awaken, alchemize,
& align

"Astrology represents the sum of all
psychological knowledge of antiquity"
-carl jung


The science of Astrology is a cosmic mapping system that provides helpful guidance for opening and unblocking energies through the gift of the self (sol/sun).  It shows us how we are naturally designed and how to embody our highest potential.

A natal chart allows us to consciously and effectively work with purpose, free will/choice, and life force energy. It facilitates a capacity to enhance well-being & prosperity.

Are you living as the architect of your reality?

Astrology reminds us that we are each architects of our own reality. It is an ancient science and art of intimately connecting to the soul and provides a map for navigating life with confidence, joy & certainty.

Receiving an Astrology Reading can be one of the most impactful actions you can take to gain an awareness of–and live synergistically with– your soul’s evolutionary path so that divine guidance is commonplace.

Your astrological birth chart is your unique map and soul blueprint clarifying your soul’s evolutionary desires, intentions, and necessities. 

We all desire to live an inspired, dynamic, and radiant life, but many  are not satisfied at a deep level of being because a soul-context is missing. Each of us have evolutionary desires at the soul-level but may not be actively participating with these key evolutionary forces.

Astrology gives us a map for evolutionary so(u)l fulfillment

Your natal (birth) chart is a map of your soul’s evolutionary desires. All of us are directed by astrological, and thus evolutionary, forces that direct our lives. Astrology assists in seeing how to work with those forces. It helps making the unseen seen.

"Evolutionary Astrology provides
a philosophical framework for
astrology that is based on
freedom, choice, and a respect
for people's innate ability
to grow and change. Like
holistic medicine,
Evolutionary Astrology
deals with the whole person."
- Virginia Bell

Astrology connects us to transpersonal reality—states of consciousness beyond the limits of personal identity. Kinan Whyte has experience of over 8 years “resourcing” at the transpersonal level with astrology while grounding his knowledge at the somatic level with yoga and bodywork. 

Kinan is a guide, intuitive channel, and bridge for connecting the personal to transpersonal so that you may find creative, original, and authentic neural pathways to develop personal confidence and universal competence.

Through the primary lenses of evolutionary, Egyptian shamanic, and medical astrology and  integrative practices in bodywork, Kinan serves as a bridge for accessing new realities.


“Destiny is saying yes to
the calling we were born with.”
-Alberto Villoldo

Imagine finding greater ease & grace connecting to each aspect of your being so that you have practical tools to navigate life from a place of trust and confidence because you are aware of unique creative potentials on your life path. 

Astrology connects us to transpersonal reality—states of consciousness beyond the limits of personal identity. Aligning to your transpersonal nature invaluably supports your relative experience. 


Astrology bridges inner and outer worlds & helps us making the "unseen" [subconscious] seen

Astrology is considered “the Rosetta Stone of the human psyche” (Stan Grof) and is an excellent tool for personal mastery, because it supports the process of living and working purposefully towards a vision, living in alignment with one’s values, and cultivating a constant learning about oneself and the reality in which one exists. 

Astrology effectually makes “unknowable”, unseen and  unconscious patterns, dispositions, and tendencies knowable, seen, and conscious. Astrological perspectives can validate past, present, and future cycles of learning, feeling, healing, growth, and spiritual development. Astrology helps us catalyze the process of spiritual awakening and “soul-embodiment”–a healthy identity structure in which the ego is in appropriate proportion with soul.

When you learn about your birth chart, you are becoming aware of evolutionary paths in your life; Zodiac = “life path”. Each person has all properties (signs) of the path of life (Zodiac). Each sign of the zodiac symbolizes specific consciousness in the totality of human consciousness on Earth in time-space reality that are expressed through archetypes. Planetary cycles impact your personal life path and the collective life path. Thus, the Zodiac informs your life path from birth to death (and in each incarnation).

12 signs, 12 apostles (human types), 12 sons of Jacob, 12 tribes of Israel, 12 gates of New Jerusalem, 12 Adityas or divine beings (Vedic lore), 12 labors of Hercules, 12 houses of Aesir (Germanic mythology = identical factors in the human collective unconscious and paths of life in man or archetypal symbols of the individual and collective life process. Explore what signs in your chart are emanating through your being so you may tap into your divine intelligence–your soul consciousness.

exploring your natal chart

Astrology allows us to see 10 main parts of the mind, represented by the planets, each precisely defined and providing a map to the mind. In addition, there are 32 other primary areas of exploring the map of a human soul and its journey in the world.

Whereas Psychoanalytic Theory is rooted in the individual and culture, Astrology is rooted in the primal structure or nature itself, something beyond ourselves.

With your first Astrology Reading, you will initially clarify the 2 central aspects of your psyche, symbolized by the Sun (identity structure/core values) and Moon (heart/soul/mood), then learn about your Ascendant, which denotes your style, affect and presentation to the world that assists you in fulfilling your soul’s evolutionary intentions.

Going deeper, a second Astrology Reading opens the door to your Nodal Axis: The North Node of the Moon (karmic destiny) and South Node of the Moon (past life mastery). Here, you will explore the primary intentions of your soul’s evolutionary context. At this stage, you can peer into the context of your past lives that have set the stage for your current incarnation and seeing the associated aspects of your mind that need integrating in order to lean into clarifying your dharma (purpose for being alive).

From here, Astrology readings can go many directions. We can explore any and/or all of the other 8 aspects of your mind, represented by the planets, or take a look current transits in the sky that are activating core aspects of your growth and evolution. We can explore notable time lords (key planetary archetypes governing you inner and outer cycles) or dive into planetary progressions, which reflect the context for your continuing adaptation to an ever-changing cycle of death, birth, and rebirth.

As you continue to explore your inner and outer world, a deep sense of fulfillment, meaning and empowerment become greater potential realities. Nothing is set in stone. Your destiny does not just await you, it begs for your intentional, deliberate action and responsibility to the integrity of your soul’s design.  

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Astrology & Light

Astrology is the study of light (sol) or energy as it flows through each of us and our world. Thus, Astrology can point to how we can remove internal energetic blocks. It shows us the nature of the energies that surround us at any given time and helps reveal what spiritual lessons are being presented in our experiences. Astrology is a bridge between personal reality (the relative) and realities beyond the personal (the transpersonal).

Astrology & Time

In astrology, time can be viewed as three parts:

1. COSMOS (timeless) = infinite pure awareness

2. CHRONOS (personification) = the passage of time through relative reality

3. KAIROS (opportune moment) = potential/present moment where creative possibilities exist in transpersonal reality

Astrology & nature

Techniques in Vedic astrology use the sidereal zodiac and have applications in the larger karmic unfolding and spiritual identity–based on the motion of planets measured against stars or constellations (spirit-based).

Techniques in Western astrology use the tropical zodiac and have applications in day-to-day seasonal rhythms, medicine, and personal identity–based on the motion of planets is measured against position of Sun on Spring Equinox (body/somatic-based).

Astrology & Soul

Astrology helps us catalyze the process of spiritual awakening and “soul-embodiment” by synergizing the relationship between the relative (ego, physical world, & matter) and transpersonal (soul, nonphysical world, & energy). 

Practices that catalyze soul embodiment include:

Contemplating astrology, breath work, yoga, qi gong, bodywork, energy work, exercise, dance, movement, chanting, or any other somatic practices that open us to the infinite creative possibilities of the present moment.