"You must learn a new way to think
before you can master a new way to be."
-Marianne Williamson

Telos | Greek:
"end, purpose or goal"

Telos is a term used by philosopher Aristotle to refer to the full potential or inherent purpose of a person. While many may define telos or purpose as something we are here to do, true purpose is something we are here to become. In a way, each person is purpose itself.

In seeking to clarify purpose, we ultimately answer to life’s greatest quest of receiving our innate birthright of expansive joy, abundance & fulfillment. Telos is that quality or inner virtue that we bring to everything we do in life–our essence/soul or innate intelligence. When we can truly connect to our life’s hidden divine order, we can also connect to the eternal and inherent nature of reality, hence the meaning of dharma

Life Coaching at SOL DESIGN is holistic, drawing from western theories in human behavior & psychology, eastern practices in awakening, quantum physics, human potential sciences, and more, yet is centered on the principle of telos. 

Life coaching accelerates the process of making your dreams reality so the nobility of your spirit can pervade your entire life, making you stable, confident, unshakeable, unfuckwithable and radiantly magnetic to attract your deepest desires. Are you ready to awaken to the truth of your being and create a map for genuinely living your most fulfilling life?

Are you creating what you truly want to create? Are you realizing the greatest version of yourself?

Do you feel a lack of greater meaning and consistency in your life? Perhaps, you feel something needs to shift but you don’t know what. Maybe you still feel overburdened by stress and simply don’t feel fulfilled despite all you have accomplished and accumulated.

What’s holding you back from creating the life we’ve always dreamed of? There is no greater love that you can put on this planet than clarifying your reason for being alive and architecting it into form. This is your greatest power.

Your telos is uniquely yours but is invisible and largely unconscious. Truly accessing, recognizing and embodying your purpose means making more of your subconscious and unconscious conscious. Along with your desire to uncover it, another set of eyes can really speed things up. This is where Life Coaching at SOL DESIGN comes in.

overcome challenges in bringing forth your optimal creative potential

Through years of training and practice in meditation, yoga, therapeutic bodywork & energy work, astrology, shamanic initiation, & experiential training for awakened relationships, Kinan draws his coaching lens from ancient and modern alchemical contexts to help you see and live congruently with your most essential and highest Self.

Find holistic guidance for accessing innate intelligence and resources so you can manifest the life you most desire and BE-long for. Discover simple yet profound processes and perceptual maps for living and breathing your telos.

Life coaching rooted in Astrology, embodiment, human potential sciences, & awakened relating

Imagine waking up each day fully energized to create from a space of inspiration, vitality, and enthusiasm to connect to what you love most

Imagine that you have clarity about your energetic design and your intelligent nature–knowing key archetypal forces and energies that you can intentionally play with and embrace because you are aware of them.

Imagine that the energy you wake up with and the lens you see the world through expands your life fulfillment, enlivens those around you, and catalyzes you to flow through life.

Address the following areas
and more:

Discover The Stable ground of your inner-leader, inner wisdom, & authentic Nature


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Explore practical maps for fulfilling your needs, desires & intentions.


Receive trusted guidance & coaching. Partner with universal & timeless principles of nature. Align to your life’s divine design & transform at the atomic level.

Transformational Change means shifts in identity, biology & physiology at the cellular level

If someone gave you a map that helped you trace your evolutionary context, subconscious patterns, and human behavior, what would you want to know? What do you imagine would be possible in your life if you had a more intimate connection to the inner and outer workings of your personality, body, and soul

Conscious transformation is conscious engineering. It is the intentional embrace of change, a journey of Self-discovery, and a way of replacing outdated, limited patterns with enlivened, creative energy. Stress-free states occur more often as a result of listening deeply to the feedback of your body and heart, addressing the core desires of your higher self, and implementing tools to navigate through any obstacles that might block the synergistic alignment of body, heart, mind, & spirit.

There is no reason to remain disempowered, stuck, confused, aimless, uninspired and unfulfilled with the support of so many tools and processes for creating greater meaning in life. Begin the journey of working with empowering frameworks, blueprints, and maps from time-tested ancient and modern systems for navigating life with optimal vitality. Life is precious. The path of mastery is a path of seeing every experience as an opportunity for love, gratitude, and synchronicity.

Life Coaching can support you in feeling fully reSOURCEd, inspired beyond the burdens of stress, and confidently designing a life where your core values and heart-space are expressed effortlessly. Connect to your SOL DESIGN. Clarify and live congruently with your unique energy system and highest values. Transcend your immediate addictive behavior that is distracting you from aligning to expressing yourself from a deep sense of fulfillment, meaning, and empowerment.